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About Us
Bentley Holdings Ltd was founded in 2003. Our head office locates in Hong Kong with three wholly-owned subsidiary companies in China mainland. Its covered area is totally 40,000+ square meters with over 300 staff. The main products are Polyester and Epoxy SUP Boards. They are mainly exported to these markets, including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, etc.
Bentley is China¡¯s leading OEM manufacturer of high-end composite products especially for the SUP Boards, which leads to bentley builds very tight relationship with many famous SUP Brands now.

Bob Ren
Bob is full of enterprising spirit and the first pioneer to establish a SUP Boards manufacturing company in China. So far, he embarks in SUP industry over 10 years with a famous reputation. Also, Bob really enjoys and masters massive experience in such a great sport.
In order to better operate Bentley, he left Bentley and studied in Tsinghua University which is the most famous institution of higher learning in China for a long time, then he came back and brought the company more advanced management experience.
With creative minds, excellent management skills and great strategic decisions, Bob leads Bentley to a bigger future.

Augustus Lee
Chief Executive Officer
Grew up at seaside from childhood with big enthusiasm in the water sports. And that is why Augustus joins in Bentley and to push the movement of SUP sports in China. His social circle is really enormous with all kinds of relationship including the suppliers, the banking, the government, etc. More importantly, he has over 40 years management experience in manufacturing industry. Because of his participation, Bentley is becoming more and more vigorous.

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